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14th Jan 2014

We were wondering just what you know about that motorcycle helmet you place on your head every time you go for a cruise. Motorcycle helmets are made to protect your brain in case you happen to be in an accident. A fall on the head from as little as six feet can prove deadly without proper protection. That fall is the same as hitting a wall going a mere 14 miles per hour. Here are some more facts about motorcycle helmets that you should know.

You should avoid storing your motorcycle helmet near gasoline, exhaust fumes, cleaning products and keep it away from excessive heat. The chemicals in these items can expedite the degradation of your helmet materials. You should also avoid hanging your helmet from mirrors and turn signals as this could result in damage to the liner of your helmet. Avoid strapping your helmet near the engine, exhaust or other hot spots on your motorcycle.

It is recommended that you replace your helmet every two to four years as its protective qualities may deteriorate with wear. Another good reason to regularly replace your helmet is because technological advances are always making helmets more and more safe. That is, the motorcycle helmet you will buy four years from now will be lighter and stronger than the one you are buying today.

When shopping for that motorcycle helmet today, or in four years, keep in mind that Nolan helmets are top quality, using only the finest materials. Visit our website today to view and shop our fine line of motorcycle helmets and accessories.