NCOM B902 X Series Bluetooth for Xlite Helmets

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 The NEW NCOM-B901-X - Bluetooth Headset


Top performance, perfect integration in the helmet, excellent audio quality.


N-Com B901 X series is the ideal intercom system for sharing your journey with friends, follow the directions from the navigator, talk on the phone and listen to FM radio without compromising safety and comfort.

The Auto ON/OFF functions, multi-language voice announcements and music sharing make it a top=of-the-range intercom perfectly suited for those who traveling long distance and are alert to quality.

Compatible with the X-1004



• "Rider/Passenger" intercom via Bluetooth

• BIKE-TO-BIKE intercom via Bluetooth. One-to-one communication. "Bike to Bike Call" Function.

The carbon fibers used to make the X-Lite helmets interfere with the transmission of the Bluetooth radio system. Therefore, the quantity and/or position of the carbon in the helmet caused a reduction in the communication distance that varies depending on the helmet model being used. the reduced distance concerns all the intercom systems available on the market. Built-in or not built-in.

• Smart Conference (Group Intercom): simultaneous conference call between 4 "900" series N-Com systems

• Universal Conference (Chain intercom): simultaneous call between a "900" series N-Com system and a system paired up in "Universal Intercom" mode

• Compatible via Bluetooth with Bluetooth communication systems of the N-Com, X-Series and MULTI lines (except for Bluetooth kit and Bluetooth kit2 which are not compatible)

• Compatibility via Bluetooth with intercom systems of other brands (Universal intercom)

• VOX: voice activation and deactivation of intercom.


• Telephone via Bluetooth: answering, hanging up, voice commands, redialing the last number (for telephones that allow it), intercom/phone automatic management

• Automatic exclusion of intercom and of the connected audio source during a telephone conversation. Automatic re-connection at the end of the call.

• "Conference Call" function: 3-way telephone call between Rider, Passenger and caller

• Double mobile phone management (or Mobile phone and GPS)

• Storing of 3 favorite numbers, with speed dialing command

• Smart Navi System: intelligent management of smartphone navigator

• iPhone™ and Android™ Compatible

MP3 Player

• Bluetooth connection to A2DP Mp3 players: Play, Pause, Stop, Skip directly from the helmet (AVRCP profile)

• Music sharing via Bluetooth with a second helmet.


• Connection via Bluetooth to compatible satellite navigators, directions, MP3 music, mobile phone (for models that allow it)


• FM radio integrated: Search for radio stations, 6 pre-settings

• RDS function: automatic search of the stronger FM signal

• Automatic mute in case of incoming phone calls



• Management from PC via mini USB wire (included)

• N-Com Easyset program downloadable from the Support section. Adjustment of audio parameters, firmware update, FM radio stations presetting

saving quick dial numbers

• Management of the N-Com system from Android Smartphone and IPad thanks to the dedicated App

• The N-Com App is compatible with Smartphone Android version 2.3 and higher and with Smartphone iPhone, iPad version 5.0 and higher




Operational Software and Firmware Update

                 Using this link