N44 Clear Pin Lock Insert for a Nolan N44 Crossover Motorcycle Helmet

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N-44 Pinlock® Anti-Fog Insert CLEAR

This will also for the NEW N40 helmet

Clear Pinlock antifog insert with Silicone seal

• Our antifog inserts are manufactured by Nolan under the Pinlock license. Once applied to the inside surface of the clear shield, the insert improves the shield's resistance to fogging by absorbing moisture. It will ensure greater visibility in cold and rainy conditions.

• Clear Pinlock inserts with a silicone bead come standard with the N44 and are available as an accessory for the other models listed. The smoke Pinlock offers 50% light transmission, and the amber Pinlock shield is recommended for riding in low light conditions. Smoke and Amber unavailable at this time

• Optically correct.

*Silicone bead is available on the clear Pinlock only at this time.