N40-5 Features Nolan N40-5 Open Face Motorcycle Helmets

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Here are photos of some of the features on the NEW N40-5




This is the jet from Nolan. Ultra wide visor, VPS sunscreen (adjustable in various positions), Air Booster Technology upper ventilation System, peak (available according to segment - characterized by a movement which is coordinated with the visor) and set up for the N-Com communication system make the N40-5 an interesting jet for both the scooter and the motorbike sectors.


• Ultra-wide scratch resistant visor for safety


• VPS Sunscreen with UV 400 protection. Scratch resistant and fog resistant. 


• Ventilation System and Air booster technology. Chin guard intake and rear extractors allow the expulsion of hot and stale air.


• Visor/Peak Coordinated movement - can be adjusted between two positions. 


• Integrated Chin Straps.


• Ready for N-Com.